~Quote of the day~

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.
- Rainer Rilke


I am in 17 networks but I cannot reveal what the networks are. Message me if you want to know some of them.

~Notes and Updates~

> I have already chosen my faves, go check them out in ETC.

> I have been following most of you guys' blogs, just ask me.

> I will start to do some promos now.

✰ Hey! ✰
The kindest hearts have felt the most pain...

***don’t delete the text, it won’t show up on your blog***

There will be polls, I will choose the most voted one.


  • Mbf me! (It’s an automatic disqualification if you’re not)
  • Reblog this post as many times as you want
  • Likes won’t count, you can use them as a bookmark but if you just like and don’t reblog, you won’t even have a chance
  • I will choose  next Sunday  so you have over a week to reblog this
  • Must reach 20 notes or more or I’m cancelling this

What you will get if you win: 

  • A link on my blog for a whole week
  • Unlimited promos for a whole week (any kind you want) You have to ask me for these though
  • You will be at the top of all my promos I post 
  • A new friend
  • A spot on my favourites page
  • A follow back from me if I’m not already following!
  • Anything else we can agree on!

How you can improve your chances:

  • Tag a post with ‘tribaljungleBOTW’ telling me why you should be chosen. Once I read it, I’ll like it so that you know I’ve read it, but don’t delete itI HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS!!!
  • Submit your follower count  (I won’t necessarily choose your blog just because you don’t have very many followers, but it could help)
  • Have a nice clean theme with a URL that matches your posts
  • Be nice to your followers

**Note: There is no specific type of blog that will be chosen. I will choose based on the above factors! I do have more of a passion for fashion/makeup/girly blogs though, but it is most definitely not limited to just those! So if you are not a fashion/makeup/girly blog please still participate because there is still a very good chance you could be chosen!

My last BOTW gained a lot!

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